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Early Learning Centre

Beyond care: what else does early learning provide?

Beyond Care What Elase

When we are looking for a place for our children to spend their time early education, what exactly are we looking for? We are looking for care; to make sure they are looked after and protected. But we are usually looking for more beyond that. We are looking for our children to be appreciated, celebrated…

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Creating a Village: The keys to parent and educator relationships

Parent Educator Relationships

From an early age, children start to develop a sense of belonging and connectedness. They seek a safe place that allows them to explore their needs, wants and emotions freely. A place where they feel protected and cared for. (A sense of belonging can be defined as) the extent to which individuals feel personally accepted,…

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Provocations: the catalysts of learning

Provovcations Learning

If you have spent any time in the world of Early Childhood Education, in particular the Reggio Emilia philosophy, you have likely happened across the use of the term Provocations. Provocations are one of the cornerstones of the Reggio Emilia approach to learning and a fundamental aspect of exploration-based understanding. So what are they? As…

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STEM: A journey in childhood education

Stem Education

When we talk about provocations, a common and increasingly more popular developmental assistant is STEM. STEM, an acronym for Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics sounds very technical, but it is actually an incredible source of exploration and discovery. [Science] is more than a school subject, or the periodic table, or the properties of waves. It…

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Design as a guiding hand in early childhood education

Design Guiding Hand

 “There are three teachers of children: adults, other children, and their physical environment.” – Loris Malaguzzi Design and its role in the creation of productive learning environments have become well recognised as an essential foundation of education. The Reggio Emilia approach identifies the child’s physical environment as the “third teacher”. At Orchard Early Learning Centre,…

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Understanding the role of creativity in early childhood learning

Creativity Children

Creativity is a defining aspect of the human condition. We began painting on the walls of caves at least 50,000 years ago. And creativity has helped us to overcome challenges and prosper as societies. Human beings innately know that being creative is good for us. Creativity makes us feel good. There’s an abundance of research…

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Outdoor play is more vital than we imagine for pre-school aged children

Pre School Aged Children

An important part of children’s early years has been changing in Australia over recent decades. Children are spending less time playing outdoors. There’s many reasons for it. Children’s use of technology is changing. Things like gaming and YouTube are all engineered for maximum engagement, so children naturally stick to them for longer periods of time. As…

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